I am a Latina mom and wife originally from Vineland, New Jersey who currently resides in Mullica Township, New Jersey. I have worked in sales and marketing for over 20 years, and am currently a realtor. As a trendy woman who likes to maintain her hairstyle, I found working as a realtor to be quite a challenge. I was always on the road meeting clients at homes, and I constantly worried about my hairstyle as part of my professional image. The weather always seemed to change when I least expected, and I would be unprepared to cover my head. I used to purchase expensive coats in order to remove the hood to utilize it separately to protect my head. I did not like carrying an umbrella everywhere as they are such a hassle, and they do not help to protect your hair from wind. That is when I realized that there had to be a better, more stylish and economical way to care for my hair! I decided to design a head covering that was everything I had been seeking: trendy, compact, fashionable and convenient to store. I spent the next few years working on my design, selecting the best materials, obtaining prototypes, finding a manufacturer and doing so much research. The result of my hard work and persistence is the WhoDee. I never imagined that I would get this far, and have relied on the support of my husband, James, as well as my family and friends. After receiving the first shipment of the final product, I can truly say that the effort was worth every moment. I hope you enjoy your WhoDee! Doris Dee Astacio.
Doris "Dee" Astacio